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Apex Fertilizer

Apex Fertilizer

Providing APEX Fertilizer

Essential for the general health of plants and trees, fertilizer is an important choice for those invested in agriculture. We are offering Apex fertilizer throughout Brisbane, Queensland, as well as many major cities throughout the country, making it easy to access a truly technological breakthrough in controlled release fertilisers.

APEX GAL-XeONE is the latest polymer-coated fertiliser technology on the market place today. This new technology in controlled release fertilisers can assure the predictable release of nturients in any climactic condition from two months to two years.

GAL-XeONE was developed with help from NASA through their Space Alliance Technology Outreach program. XeONE is unique in that it can coat a variety of substances not previously available in a controlled release form.

Has been developed to meet some of the toughest quality standards in the industry , with samples being tested in de-ionised water at 100 degrees F, and demanding parametres for a precise release curve.

With Agtech Global, you can choose from a wide variety of Apex fertilizer products to suit your needs, with items available throughout the country including Brisbane, Queensland across NSW and SA. From solutions ideal for roses and herbaceous perennials to products perfect for full season crops in most climates, we have it all. We have products designed to meet nutritional needs, as well as alternatives that are specifically formulated for warmer or cooler climates, ensuring the quality of your crops, plants, shrubs and trees.

To learn more about Apex fertilizer or to purchase Apex fertilizer in Brisbane, Queensland, or cities throughout NSW and SA, please get in touch with our team who will happily assist with enquiries.

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