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Animal Health

Animal Health






Green Pet – Cat Litter
2-6 mm Volca-Min granules. Super-absorber of liquids and odours. 100% Natural Mineral

30 L


Pallet (50 x 30 L)


1 t bulka-bag


B9 - Animal feed supplement Contains Fossil Shell Flour, Volca-min, natural humates (including fulvic acid) and vitamins. Improves feed conversion and healthy weight gain, de-toxification and re-mineralisation, resulting in overall healthier animals. 100% Natural

500 g


4 kg


17.5 kg


Animal feed supplement
VolcaMin E type powder. Alkaliser, Improves weight gain, removes toxins. Suitable for: Horses pigs, poultry, cattle, lambs, all pets. BFA Certified Organic

20 kg


Pallet (50 x 20 kg)


1 t bulka-bag


Stocksaver Vet – Animal feed supplement Offers broad spectrum mineral nutrition to help strengthen general health and vitality.

25 kg


Pallet (40 x 25 kg)


Petsaver – Pet health tonic Supports digestion, detoxification and provides broad spectrum mineral nutrition to improve general health and vitality.

100 g


Perma-guard – Registered insecticide powder for pets Diatomite powder infused with Pyrethrum and PBO. Dust powder into hair/fur of pet.

200 g


Carton 15 x 200 g


Nest Guard – Natural zeolite nesting pads Improves nest box environment. All natural mineral, absorbs ammonia, reduces bacteria and fungal growth, controls moisture. 100% Natural, safe and easy to use.

Carton (6 x 1.8 kg pads)


Pallet (60 x 1 carton)


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