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A leader in the production of diatomaceous earth in Australia

A leader in the production of diatomaceous earth in Australia

If you’re searching for a way to get diatomaceous earth, Australia’s prime supplier of this valuable, useful and fully naturally-derived product is right here. We at Agtech Global are proud to produce fossil shell flour that suits a wide range of agricultural and farming practices, and we also have a diverse range of distributors throughout Australia who are more than happy to get our product out to you.

Using diatomaceous earth in Australia is a fantastic idea for agriculturalists, farmers and agricultural companies throughout the country. It is a naturally occurring product consisting primarily of fossil shells that can be used as a natural anti-caking agent when storing grain of all types. It also works excellently as a natural insecticide, and has de-worming applications in various kinds of livestock. If you’ve been searching for a natural and organic solution to your insect and worm problems, then find your nearest Agtech Global distributor – when it comes to diatomaceous earth, Australia’s best supplier has it covered.

Our overall goal as an agricultural supplier is to deliver the most sustainable and fully organic solutions possible, so that the wider farming and agricultural industry can lessen or eliminate its reliance on possibly harmful older agricultural products. This dedication to eco-sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment is something that is part of everything that Agtech Global does as a company.

Get in touch with us at 1800 200 187, send an email to plantnet@bigpond.net.au or take a look at our list of trusted distributors online.

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