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About Us

About Us


World governments are struggling with the need to increase food production for growing populations and yet protect and re-green the environment for future generations. AgTech Natural Resources was formed to meet that challenge and deliver sustainable organic solutions that removes or minimises the need for old world fertilisers and chemicals.

Everything we do at AgTech Natural Resources is committed to improving soil, reducing pests and disease, and increasing the biomass in an environmentally sustainable way without the use of traditional chemicals.  Our natural solutions are not only economical, but in every case they are as effective as the traditional inorganic and environmentally damaging chemicals solutions.

We source the best natural raw materials from around the world, to let our scientists and agronomists combine ingredients that are so naturally effective the results are measurable, repeatable and cost effective.

Repairing the Environment

Having observed the effects derived from years of applying inorganic fertilisers and chemicals to the environment: Agtech Natural Resources was established to help manage, design and develop growing solutions that contribute to stabilising and reversing the damage caused to our natural resources.  Sustainable natural resource management is our only hope.

Increasing Production

Realising the limits and cost implications associated with sustainable farming and natural resource management we offer cost effective alternatives to improving pasture and crop quality and production that are both affordable as well as beneficial to the environment.

Working for all Growers

We are owned and operated by Australians for all growers around the world.  AgTech Natural Resources.

We develop strong relationships with manufacturing and research partners to ensure we produce and supply the best agri-input, so you can be assured of a high level of commitment from our network of experts.

At AgTech Natural Resources we don’t only work for the sake of the world, we work for the sake of the Earth.


AgTech Natural Resources, continues to grow on Quality Principles

  • Leadership and Innovation.
  • Strategic Planning and Managed Business Systems.
  • Data, Information and Knowledge Support.
  • Flexible, Satisfied People.
  • Focus on Customers and Markets.
  • Improved Products, Processes and Services.
  • Measurable Business Results.
  • Ethical Business Operations.
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Find a Product

Want to improve soil, reduce pests and disease, and increase the biomass in an environmentally sustainable way without the use of traditional chemicals? ... View More...