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Australian Fertilizer and Fossil Shell Flour Suppliers

We are one of the premier Australian fertilizer companies operating today, trusted with an array of agricultural solutions and products, including fossil shell flour or diatomaceous earth.

The need for modern Australian agricultural and fertilizer companies, collectives and conglomerates to take real, quantifiable steps towards sustainability and cooperation with the natural ecosystem has never been more real. As global populations increase and more nations and world economies look towards Australia as a source of food, natural products and various agricultural exports, it is our responsibility to ensure we meet increases in production with equal steps towards ethical, organic and sustainable practices.

At Agtech Global, we believe that we as Australian fertilizer suppliers should be providing the Australian and global agricultural industry with products that make it easy and affordable to move towards these sustainable practices. Our selection of naturally-derived products is one of the most diverse among Australian fertilizer companies, and we aim to count ourselves among fertilizer suppliers who have their products stocked throughout Australia via a wide-ranging and reliable network of distributors.

It’s our mission to deliver sustainable and effective organic solutions to help lessen the reliance on old-world fertilizer and chemical products. Through this process, we can help to lessen the damage caused to the natural world – and even help to heal some of the harm agricultural processes have inflicted upon ecosystems the world over.

Our product range includes fossil shell flour (diatomaceous earth), humates, fulvates, and a range of fertilizers (including Zeolite fertilizer and Apex fertilizer), bio stimulants, soil amendments and animal feed supplements that are all derived from nature, as well as being organic and environmentally sustainable.

To find out more about how we differ from other Australian fertilizer companies and suppliers, or to get further details on products including fossil shell flour and animal feed supplements, feel free to browse our site, or take a look at some of our product information sheets to learn more. You are also welcome to contact us directly to discuss your needs with our team.

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